You’ve been putting it off for way too long. You know it needs some serious attention, but you don’t know who to call or who to trust to make it all go away…until now.

I’m talking about your ugly website.

The one that represents your business and brand and has been driving business away from you rather than to you, because we all know that when we see a bad website, unless it has something amazing on there like an endorsement from someone we know, like and trust – the first thing we do is click away. It’s like the saying goes; you only have one chance to make a first impression.

So make it count.

We can help and work with small to medium sized business owners that aren’t looking for a NASA style mission control website, but one that is simple, effective and drives the message across about your business.

Did we mention our affordable pricing starting from $77 per month + setup (fee dependent on site size)? This includes domain acquisition, website hosting, website design and build (5 pages), email, basic SEO and more.

Put simply, we build awesome websites.

Oh, and we are also the #1 SEO Experts in Calgary according to Google, so if you want to take your new shiny website to the next level and drive highly targeted leads to your website and business, we can help with that too.

Check out our website and portfolio here at Summit Velocity.

Kick Start your business in 2015.

web design calgaryJohn Boote
Owner: Summit Protocol Corporation
# 1 SEO Expert in Calgary according to Google